Some early portraits of his mother and his sister indicate Lothar’s close relations with them.

  Mother Rosalia Sperl, Pencil Drawing, 23x28

  Mother Rosalia Sperl, 1935, Pencil Drawing, 25x20

  Mother Rosalia Sperl, Pencil Drawing, undated, 34x48

  Sister Rosl, Pencil Drawing 22x29

The following drawings were made when Rosl Sperl was 13 and Lothar 17 years old. 

Pencil Drawings 1937,  ca 12x15

A self portrait of Lothar aged 14 shows his outstanding talent:

  1924, Pencil Drawing, 24x28

Lothar was only 16 when he exhibited his first oil painting at a local fair in Straubing, “Collecting wood”


More early pictures:

 St John's Fire, 1924

  Scene from the Underworld, 1924

  Charcoal, 16x20

  1925, Pencil, 22x29

  1925, Pencil, 22x30

 Oil, 80x65

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